name: Chihiro Howe  ハウ千尋     nationality: Japanese-American     based in: Oregon, USA

I am a manga/comic artist, illustrator, and a character designer. I am currently working at  Imagination International Inc, as a resident artist, working on an educational online manga iii Academy

I started drawing ever since I could hold a pencil, and that's what I've been doing since. 

I was born and raised in Japan until middle school, then moved to the States. I also went to BYU-Hawaii for college, where I worked as a Japanese tour guide and a sign maker at the Polynesian Cultural Center

My influencers are: Ghibli, Disney, Eiichiro Oda (creator of manga "One Piece"), Masashi Kishimoto (creator of manga "Naruto"), Kei Enue (shoujo manga artist), Arina Tanemura (shoujo manga artist), and many more.